Tips for selling your home

If you’re thinking of moving and putting your current home on the market, then I’m sure you’re aware there’s a lot to consider. It’s important to make the most of your home so potential buyers will fall in love with it.

That’s why we’ve devised some top tips to help you sell your home!

Make the entrance appealing

Look at your property and think about what the first and last thing is a potential buyer will see. It’s usually your front garden or entrance to your property. As first impressions really count, make sure this part of your home is as appealing as possible. It may be worth tidying the garden, clearing the path, investing in some nice hanging baskets, or giving that front door a lick of paint. It’ll all be worth it when potential buyers get a great first impression.

Clean and de-clutter

It’s important to show your home to its full potential, making it as clutter-free as possible can help make it feel a lot more spacious, which is exactly what potential buyers will be looking for. Box up and store items that aren’t being used, for instance the running machine in the bedroom that you’ve used once that acts as a clothes hanger, and the mountain of children’s toys in every room that aren’t being played with. Also clear out closets and cupboards so buyers can see the full potential of the storage available, you don’t want towels and toys falling out of cupboards you open as this could indicate a lack of storage.

Get those snag jobs done

Tidy up all those little snag jobs you’ve never got around to doing, such as fixing the kitchen door that’s a bit wonky, sealing around the bath, and touching up marks in the paintwork. All this helps make your home appear newer, cleaner and give buyers the impression there’s as little costly repair work as possible once they move in, which could be a big deciding factor for them.

Neutralise your decor

Whilst you may love your bright pink walls and purple kitchen units they may not appeal to others, so neutralising can benefit you as potential buyers will be able to see your home as a blank canvas for them to put their own mark on. Using creams, light greys and whites for the decor can help create this minimal look.

Add nice fragrance

There’s nothing more off-putting to a potential buyer than bad smells in your home, so make sure you air-off your rooms and keep them smelling clean and fresh. Many people think the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread make your home feel more inviting so it may be worth giving that a try too.

Keep pets and small children out of the home

Babies and animals can sometimes be a noisy distraction so try and get someone to babysit or take the dog for a walk. Potential buyers may also be afraid of dogs or cats so you don’t want to put them off. Whilst they’re out of the house, ensure their food bowls, litter trays and beds are also put away.

Viewing times matter

We all enjoy our homes more at certain times of the day, for instance in the afternoon when the garden’s in full view of the sun, so try and arrange your viewings around this, allowing you to show your home off when it’s at its best. Similarly, if your street is particularly busy during rush hour, you might want to try and avoid this as it could put potential buyers off before they’ve even stepped foot in your property.

There’s a lot you can do to improve your home ready for selling, but bear in mind the cost/benefit. You don’t want to start investing too much money into your home if you’re not going to generate this back from the sale. Doing small things like the tips above will go a long way to improving your home for potential buyers.

Good luck!